1-click CD/DVD Copy software - copy DVD and CD in one click.

Need to copy DVD movies or audio CD? Want to backup your critical data from DVD or CD to hard drive? One-click CD/DVD Copy is an all-in-one solution that can copy both DVD and CD disks of any kind in just one click.

With One-click CD/DVD Copy you can:

- Copy DVD movies in one-click.
- Copy DVD and CD containing any data such as pictures, music, documents, games, software.
- Copy protected DVD and CSS encrypted DVD movies.
- Copy audio CD without loss of quality.
- Copy both to blank disks or hard drive.
- Make multiple copies.
- Copy directly from DVD or CD to blank disk (if you have two drives).
- All with just one click!

If you don't like to read boring instructions and getting stuck among tons of buttons in complicated software try 1-click CD/DVD Copy which is extremely easy to use.

Is it really copy with one click?

One-click CD/DVD Copy adds its own "Copy disc" option to the Windows right-click menu, so you don't even need to run it. Just right-click your DVD or CD, pick "Copy disc" on the menu and it's done! See how easy you get a copy: right-click and pick one option. There is no other DVD copying software that works in the same manner - you usually need to run the program first, then choose several options and press some buttons before it started to copy. One-click CD/DVD Copy is a part of "one-click" series software that use standard Windows menu to simplify the process for you. Visit www.oneclicktools.com to learn more about other one-click software products.

Main features of 1-click CD/DVD Copy:

- Copying of both DVD and CD.
- Copying of any content like movies, music, photos, documents and etc.
- No quality loss, you get exactly the same DVD or CD.
- Copying to blank disc or hard drive.
- Making unlimited number of copies.
- Copying several CDs to one DVD.
- Direct copying from disk to blank disk.
- simple and intuitive "one-click" interface.

How to get unlimited version of 1-click CD/DVD Copy?

Purchase One-click CD/DVD Copy online to get all features enabled and copy unlimited number of DVD and CD, protected DVD movies, audio CDs. You may pay by credit card, debit card, PayPal, wire transfer or check. Your order is completely secure and safe with 128bit SSL encryption technology. Click here to purchase now.

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28 November 2007

One-click CD/DVD Copy updated to version 1.8. This update features a new option added that allows to make a backup copy of DVD or CD to hard drive (ISO image). This backup copy may be then burned to blank disk or used by virtual DVD and virtual CD software. Click here to get new version.

11 September 2007

One-click CD/DVD Copy 1.7 has been released. Here we fixed 'cannot change writing speed' error and made some minor updates. Click here to get it.

28 May 2007

One-click CD/DVD Copy is now version 1.5. In this release we fixed "internal error #1105" may cause in some cases. Click to download.

18 April 2007

One-click CD/DVD Copy updated to v.1.4. This release fixes a problem with DVD-Video content protection and some issues may cause with Lite-On and Panasonic DVD drives. Click here to download now!